Year: 1977
Format: Colour
Runtime:  127 min
Production: F.C. Produzioni (Rome), P.E.C.F. (Paris)
Word sales: Dear International

Viewed censorship: 6369915/12/1973

In 1930s Rimini, teenager Titta grows up amid Catholic upbringing and Fascist rhetoric. His father, Aurelio, is an anarchist and antifascist foreman: on his shoulders in addition to his two children, his wife and his elderly, rather sprightly father, also lives his loudmouthed, layabout brother-in-law, Uncle “Pataca.” His brother Teo, on the other hand, is locked up in an asylum. The small town is populated by singular characters, such as Volpina the nymphomaniac, Giudizio the madman, Biscein the boaster, the lawyer with easy rhetoric, the exhibitionist motorcyclist, and the blind man who plays the accordion. Titta attends the city high school, where interrogations alternate with pranks on teachers and classmates. His erotic-sentimental life is divided between the unattainable Gradisca, the tobacconist’s big breasts, and summer dances at the Grand Hotel spied from behind hedges. With the village he shares the passing of the seasons, with fires to celebrate the arrival of spring, and events, the passage of the Mille Miglia and that of the ocean liner Rex, the visit of the fascist hierarch and the snowfall. His mother’s death and Gradisca’s marriage mark the end of his adolescence.

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