DISNEY 100 – A century of animated short film masterpieces

28 October – 19 November 2023
Fulgor Palace

In the year of Fellini’s many anniversaries, Rimini, with the Fellini Museum and the Amarcort Film Festival, also celebrates the centenary of Disney, founded on 16 October 1923.

An event organised by Amarcort Film Festival with the Fellini Museum presents a work for each year: a selection of original sketches, paintings and cels from private collections, used to create the famous Disney shorts from the 1920s to the present day.

The gallery also includes the first historical Mickey Mouse short, Steamboat Willie, from 1928.

Also dedicated to the Disney centenary is the special event scheduled at the Teatro degli Atti on the evening of 17 November: “Disney 100 – A Century of Masterpieces of Animated Short Films” with expert Federico Fiecconi who, starting from the artwork on show at the Fellini Museum, will present on screen some of the cornerstones of the endless filmography of the magic Californian studio, recounting the behind the scenes of the extraordinary journey of Disney’s creativity.