Fellini degli spiriti

Year: 2020
Format: Colour
Runtime:  100 min
Production: Mad Entertainment with Rai Cinema
Distribution: Nexo Digital
Director: Anselma Dell’Olio
Genre: Documentary

The documentary that recounts, for the first time, “the unseen”, spiritual and supernatural world of Federico Fellini through extraordinary archive material from Rai Teche and Istituto Luce, images from his films and exclusive interviews. One hundred years after the birth of the Maestro, born in Rimini on 20 January 1920, the documentary investigates in depth his passion for what he called, in short, the mysterious, the esoteric, in an incessant search for other possibilities, other dimensions, other journeys and everything that can make the spirit and the mind soar. Many voices recount Fellini’s magical world, from the fortune teller that Fellini always consulted to Terry Gilliam, from Giuditta Mascioscia, Gustavo Rol’s psychic friend to director Damien Chazelle, from Fellini’s closest collaborators and friends to directors such as William Friedkin.