Fellini e l’ombra

Year: 2021
Format: colour
Runtime: 64 min
Production: Verdiana and Célestes Images, in association with Luce Cinecittà, co-produced with RSI, in association with Le 400 Coups
Distribution: Luce Cinecittà
Director: Catherine McGilvray
Genre: Documentary

Fellini e l’ombra, a film directed by Catherine McGilvray, is a documentary that tells the story of how the idea to make this feature film came about through the investigation of a Portuguese documentary filmmaker, Claudia De Oliveira Teixeira. Intending to make a film about the filmmaker, she discovered that Fellini had a secret, traceable in the ‘Book of Dreams’ (written by the director himself) directly related to his dream cinema and in the relationship between him and his analyst, Dr Ernst Bernhard, who had a great impact on Fellini’s cinematography, particularly in the making of 8 ½ (1963).
There are other references in the places of Fellini’s heart, from his homeland, Rimini, to his second home, Rome, as well as in the stories of his friends and those who got to know him. Claudia’s discovery confirms that for Fellini the dream was the only and authentic reality, closely related to Jungian analysis.