Fellini fine mai

Year: 2019
Format: Colour
Runtime:  80 min
Production: Rai Cinema, Rai Teche, Aurora TV (Giannandrea Pecorelli)
Director: Eugenio Cappuccio
Genre: Documentary

Much has been said about Fellini, but it is still possible to recount the unknown episodes of his cinema, his life and his poetics, especially if one has had the good fortune to work with him and share his experience, as happened to Eugenio Cappuccio, who in this documentary reconstructs the path that led him to meet Fellini in Rimini as an adolescent and later, after studying at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, to collaborate on the set of Ginger and Fred. Digging into the signs and paths that the extremely rich RAI television repertoire can provide, the film is enriched with numerous original testimonies from those who collaborated with Fellini. Thus, starting from Rimini, Eugenio Cappuccio launches himself towards new discoveries of Fellini’s never fully revealed ‘secret world’.