Fellini Forbidden

9 July – 6 November 2022
Fulgor Palace

“I have always found the Maestro’s graphic work brilliant: the simplicity of the stroke and the irony of the ideas. I think this exhibition allows one to fully understand how modern his vision was on the subject of eroticism. As a Rimini resident and art lover, I am very happy that his work can finally be experienced by visitors from all over the world who loved him and continue to love him for his films”. 

Massimiliano Benedetti

Erotic divertissements drawn by Federico Fellini in the 1970s, during the preparation of the shooting of the film Casanova.

On display are 42 small-format plates dedicated by Fellini to ‘Prick’, the Anglo-Saxon nickname with which the Maestro identified his sexual alter ego.

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Collection | Massimiliano Benedetti
Artwork | Luca Giovagnoli
Installation | Barbara Vannucchi B+V studio di architettura
Thanks | Flos