Fellini meets Mickey Mouse

28 October – 19 November 2023
Fulgor Palace

On the centenary of Disney and 32 years after the first publication of “Mickey Mouse Presents La Strada“, the Fellini Museum and Amarcort Film Festival celebrate the meeting between Federico Fellini and one of the world’s greatest Disney artists, Giorgio Cavazzano, with an exhibition at the Palazzo del Fulgor.

Thirty-two years after its first publication, Mickey Mouse presents La Strada returns to bookshops and comic book stores in a special Limited De Luxe hardback edition with new colours published by Panini Comics. In those now famous plates, with a leap of imagination we also find the meeting between Walt Disney himself and Federico Fellini, which really took place in 1956 when Fellini and Masina were in California for the awarding of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film to La Strada.

Perfect, then, the occasion to renew this union in the city of the genius of cinema, renewing Federico Fellini’s encounter with the work of the magician from Burbank.

The magical encounter between one of the most famous “modern Disney” cartoonists working today, Giorgio Cavazzano, and Federico Fellini, took place on the occasion of the production of the comic strip version of the 1954 film La Strada. The now famous Great Disney Parody Mickey Mouse Presents La Strada, drawn by Cavazzano and scripted by Massimo Marconi, was published in issue 1866 of “Topolino” in September 1991.

Fellini at the time not only gave permission to be portrayed in the story, but also sent his own autograph thank-you drawing to the editorial staff of “Topolino“.

Giorgio Cavazzano was awarded the prize “Un Felliniano nel mondo” (A Felliniano in the world) this year during the Amarcort Film Festival.