Ginger e Fred

Year: 1985
Format: Colour
Runtime:  125 min
Production:  PEA (Roma), Revcom Films in associazione con Anthea (München), in collaborazione con Rai Uno.
Studio: Cinecittà
Word sales: internazionale Sacis, italiana Istituto Luce, Italnoleggio Cinematografico
Viewed censorship: 81020 30/10/1985Amelia, a former dancer nicknamed “Ginger”, widow and owner of a small industry, goes down to Termini station. He must appear on television to dance, thirty years later, with his old partner Pippo, in art “Fred”. It’s Christmas time, there’s a lot of confusion. Ginger gets on a bus where she meets strange characters; she arrives at a large hotel where all the staff is in front of the TV, taken from a football match. Fred has not yet arrived, and Ginger goes down the street, where she is surrounded by a group of threatening bikers. He returns to his room, hears snoring and discovers that it is Fred, aged, beaten to a pulp, who has agreed to attend the show only for money. The two would like to at least try their old number, but they can not for the bailamme of strange characters, guests, like them, of the broadcast And here it is. They do eventually, but it’s a disaster. Only the compliments of the TV president convince them to participate in the show: when it comes to them it is a success. At the station, at the time of departure, they are recognized and sign autographs. Then, after Fred gets some borrowed money from Ginger, they separate. She leaves. The lights on the tracks go out and only the TV with its pounding commercials remains.

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