Giulietta degli spiriti

Year: 1965
Format: Colour
Runtime: 120 min
Production: Federiz (Roma), Francoriz (Paris)
Word sales: Cineriz
Viewed censorship: 4573323/09/1965

Giulietta is a wealthy middle-class housewife living in Fregene (near Rome), who constantly fears her husband Giorgio is cheating on her. While she yearns for a peaceful intimate evening with him on the night of their 15th wedding anniversary, the egotistical Giorgio has forgotten about it and instead arrives home with his eccentric friends. They organize a séance, and Giulietta is haunted and offended by erotic and vulgar ghosts. She is obsessed with their statements and fears Giorgio’s infidelity. She meets her neighbor Suzy, who invites her to her villa, and she talks freely to her, as she now has the evidence of her husband’s infidelity. She feels guilty and leaves, bewildered. Thanks to a psychoanalyst, Juliet manage to fight against her ghosts and temptations. At the end – triumphant and wearing a white dress – she goes towards the strong wind blowing from the sea.