The Orients of Pier Paolo Pasolini

9 September – 16 October 2022
Fulgor Palace

“In a meeting with Pasolini at Cinecitt√†, for the remake of a scene from the autumn of ’73, I had brought an album with some slides and as Pier Paolo looked at them fascinated he said, “What beautiful places, what beautiful colours!”- as if he were seeing them for the first time – “You made a film where I was the actor and you were the director.”

Roberto Villa

The East, for Pasolini, is a place of the spirit where one finds that desired and dreamed of world, which does not exist in this West and which in that fairytale film, The Flower of the Thousand and One Nights, is brought to the screen with a fantastic narrative and with the colours of dreams. The director had not reneged on his promise: “It will be my most colourful film, the most richly coloured”, and the chosen locations and the Middle Eastern populations already testified to this, along with the costumes by Danilo Donati worn by hundreds of extras.

Unpublished images by Roberto Villa, constructed following the compositional philosophies of art history and communication theory, illustrate the set and off-set of the film.