I clowns

Year: 1970
Format: Colour
Runtime: 93 min
Production: Rai – Radio Televisione Italiana (Italia) – O.R.T.F. (Francia) – Bavaria Film (R.F.T.) Compagnia Leone cinematografica
Word sales: Italnoleggio
Viewed censorship: 5707217/10/1970

A circus tent is being installed and a child looks on curiously. Clowns remind him of some real-life characters, including an energetic dwarf, “Cotechino”, the stationmaster, “Madonna”, who’s continuously quarrels with her colleagues, “Giudizie”, who’s going back to World War I…We then move on to the present day. A television investigation is under way, and Fellini is looking for old clowns and is willing to listening to them telling him their memories. After visiting the “Liana Orfei” circus, Fellini and his crew go to Paris, where they interview Tristan Remy, a writer dealing mainly with clowning history. Fellini helps the writer track old clowns, namely the few survivors of a no longer existing world. The Director shoots their aged and sad faces. He owes them the joy they were capable of giving their audience.

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