Il Casanova di Federico Fellini

Year: 1976
Format: Colour
Runtime:  170 min
Production: PEA
Word sales: Titanus
Viewed censorship: 69484 01/12/1976

During the Venetian carnival Giacomo Casanova agrees to show his amorous valor with Sister Magdalena and thus please the woman’s voyeur lover, the French ambassador from whom Casanova hopes to gain benefits. But he is arrested by the Inquisition on charges of black magic. He escapes from the Piombi prison and is in Paris as a guest of the Marquise d’Urfé who wants to obtain from him the secret of immortality. Then Casanova leaves Paris and resumes his frenzied activities as a seducer. Among his loves is the unhappy one with Henriette, who makes him despair and abandons him. In Rome he participates in an amatory contest with a Pololano, winning it. In Rome he also meets the pope and his mother, who by then has little interest in his fortunes. Finally, old age, employment as a librarian, his charm fading, the oblivion of the courts, until the loneliness of a dance with a mechanical doll, a memory of an increasingly distant past.