Year: 1987
Format: Colour
Runtime:  113 min
Production: Aljosha Productions (Ibrahim Moussa), in collaborazione con Cinecittà e Rai Uno
Word sales: Academy
Viewed censorship: 82589 22/05/1987

Fellini is shooting at Cinecittà a film based on America, the novel by Kafka. Pressed by questions from Japanese journalists, the director recounts his first visit, in 1940, to the Roman studios; he was also a journalist, in his early days, who came to Cinecittà to interview a famous diva. Fellini’s memories (hierarchies in orbace, the blue tranvetto for Cinecittà that crosses the Roman countryside, the imperial elephants, the Indians, etc.) crowd and intertwine with the questions of his frenetic interviewers, who film everything. Here is the young Fellini who finally interviews the diva, and meanwhile his current assistant director is looking for new faces in the subway. Then the police arrive, warned by a phone call of the presence of a bomb; then Marcello Mastroianni enters the scene wearing Mandrake’s tails. And the magic wand of these will make the images of La Dolce Vita appear, between the applause of those present and the tears of Anita Ekberg. The next day America resumed shooting, but a hurricane interrupted the shooting. A band of Indians attacked Cinecittà with TV antennas as spears. The filming of the film ends, and everyone greets each other wishing Merry Christmas.