La dolce vita

Year: 1960
Format: Black and white
Runtime: 178 min
Production: Riama Film (Roma), Pathé Consortium Cinéma (Paris)
Word sales: Cineriz
Viewed censorship: 3107021/01/1960

Marcello is a gossip columnist, and is searching for a way to become a serious writer. He’s fully involved in Rome’s ‘dolce vita’. He’s flirting with an aristocrat who’s always looking for new emotions. He has a partner, Emma, and feels oppressed by her jealousy; she attempts to commit suicide. He woes Sylvia – a very popular and explosive movie star – to no avail. Sylvia bathes in the Trevi Fountain and is very sexy. Two children invent a fake vision of the Virgin Mary and he meets a sophisticated intellectual, Mr. Steiner. Marcello admires his family and his apparently ideal life style. Mr. Steiner, however, kills his own children and then commits suicide. Marcello’s old father comes to see him and gets ill, Emma abandons him, and other events follow one another. After another orgy occurring during the night, at dawn the tired and dazed participants find the carcass of a sea monster stranded on the beach.

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