Le Notti di Cabiria

Year: 1957
Format: Black and white
Runtime: 110 min
Production: Dino De Laurentiis (Roma), Les Films Marceau (Paris)
Word sales: Paramount
Viewed censorship: 2374215/03/1957

Cabiria, an innocent and unhappy prostitute, risks being killed by a friend who wants to rob her. She is picked up by a popular movie star, Alberto Lazzati, and brought to his estate. However, his mistress shows up and Cabiria gets locked in the bathroom all night with the dog. She then joins her fellow prostitutes to attend a service; she prays and hopes a miracle will take place. She meets Oscar, an accountant, who promises her a happy future. At first she is cautious and suspicious, but after several meetings she falls passionately in love with him and they get married only a few weeks later. During their honeymoon, Oscar becomes very nervous and violent and wants to kill her and steal her money. She throws her purse at his feet, sobbing, while he abandons her. Hours later, she picks herself up and stumbles out of the wood in tears. In the film’s famous last shot Cabiria walks along the long road leading to town where she meets a group of young people riding scooters, playing music, and dancing. They happily form a parade around her until she begins to smile through her tears.

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