Lilian the Fighter

2 February 2024 – 14 April 2024
Fulgor Palace

From 2 February to 1 April 2024, on the first floor of the Palazzo del Fulgor, a selection of 30 drawings from the collection of Liliana Betti: Italian writer, scriptwriter and director, friend and collaborator of Federico Fellini
The Liliana Betti Fund comprises 109 autograph drawings and 7 postcards recently acquired by the Ministry of Culture and entrusted to the Fellini Museum for safekeeping and preservation.
Most of the drawings are sketches that were probably made on the set, in the breaks between takes, with comic strips and playful inscriptions that express sympathy, confidence, affection and esteem and offer an insight not only into the world of Fellini’s private affections, but also into the enormous importance that drawing had in his creative process.