24 June – 24 September 2023
Fulgor Palace

The Riviera revisited twenty years later in the photographs of the Rimini reporter, an exhibition and two venues in Rimini and Savignano sul Rubicone

Curated by Mario Beltrambini and Jana Liskova.

“Rimini Revisited” takes the form of a critical reinterpretation of the original project of the “Rimini” exhibition, which the reporter dedicated to his city and which was staged posthumously in 2003.

In the light of the in-depth study of the archive and in particular the discovery of the original mock-up, drawn up by Marco Pesaresi, of the book that was created at the same time as the exhibition and published in 2003, which was therefore also posthumous, the revisited traces and reconstructs the continuous, tormented and obsessive research that led Marco Pesaresi to select, from the thousands of shots taken, the 73 photos exhibited and published then.

Today, after 20 years, new images are added and exhibited (the exhibition consists of 173 photographs in total), thanks to the considerable wealth of documents that the author left behind, contents that Marco Pesaresi repeatedly recounted and described in his texts and diaries. The result is a great fresco on “Romagnolit√†”, represented by the combination of culture, traditions and landscapes that characterise the Romagna Riviera. This adds a new chapter to the great story in images that Marco Pesaresi has built around the atmospheres, people, excesses and originality of his land and his city, one of the most visited areas in Europe.