Year: 1972
Format: Colour
Runtime: 119 min
Production: Ultra Film (Roma), Les Productions Artistes Associeés (Paris)
Word sales: Italnoleggio
Viewed censorship: 59913 08/03/1972


Early in the ‘30s, a young man who’s staying at a boarding school run by priests imagines Rome based on his teachers’ statements and the Fascist regime’s rhetoric. In 1939, when he turns twenty, he goes to Rome and discovers the city’s real nature: people living in a cheap hotels, popular restaurants outdoors, children playing on the streets. Then, in 1972, there are massive traffic jams in the ring-road, and Fellini is shooting a film in a city crowded with tourists. He’s criticized by young people who claim is not interested in politics. This reminds us of a small variety show theatre, where viewers are running away because of an air-raid warning. Then the scene is set at an underground construction site, when works have to be stopped because some archeological remains are found. Then hippies gathering in Piazza di Spagna are shown, followed by the clients of a brothel in the Forties. There is also a clergy fashion show, a party in Trastevere (“festa de noantri”), and a real mess, with policemen clubbing people and bikers riding in the night.

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