Siamo qui per provare

Year: 2022
Format: Colour
Runtime:  88 min
Production: Ubulibri, RAI Cinema
Director: Greta De Lazzaris, Jacopo Quadri
Genre: Documentary

Daria gets married, Antonio is best man. They are an artistic couple. They have lived in the same building for years, now she is moving to another neighbourhood. They start working on a new project inspired by Federico Fellini’s Ginger and Fred. With them are Emanuele, Monica, Francesco, Martina, Andrea. They start with tap dancing lessons, the dramaturgy is written day by day, rehearsing in theatres emptied by the pandemic, in Rome, Rimini and France. Amidst doubts, in creative euphoria, our actors end up looking more and more like a group of castaways, in a disorientation where real life is constantly mixed with the play that is perhaps taking shape.