Toby Dammit

Year: 1968
Format: Colour
Runtime: 37 min
Production: P.E.A. (Roma), Les Films Marceau (Paris), Cocinor (Paris)
Word sales: P.E.A. (Roma)
Viewed censorship: 5205124/07/1968

Toby Dammit, a former Shakespearean actor, and a drug-addict and an alcoholic at present, is in Rome. He’s going to be the main character of the first Catholic western film. After helping a young girl who has lost the ball she was playing with, Dammit starts having visions of the girl and her ball. After being given a Ferrari by the film producer Dammit drives his new car very fast. Some workers try to stop Dammit close to a fallen bridge across a ravine, but he speeds ahead. When his car reaches the other side, Dammit’s head has been cut off by a cable running across the ravine. The young girl appears again, she picks Toby Dammit’s head up, as if it were a ball …

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