E la nave va

Year: 1983
Format: Colour
Runtime:  132 min
Production: RAI Radiotelevisione e Vides Produzione (Italia), Gaumont (Francia). Teatro di posa: Cinecittà
Viewed censorship: 79229 31/10/1983A liner, Gloria N., is ready to sail. We are in the port of Naples, it is July 1914. Around the pier a crowd of street urchins and street vendors, while quickly the passengers arrive to board. Also arrives the ashes of a famous singer, Edmea Tetua; it is to spread these at sea that the cruise to Erimo was organized. On board there is also a journalist, Orlando, who entertains passengers, mostly singers, conductors, admirers of Edmea. A singer wants to learn the secrets of her skill; an Italian nobleman transforms his cabin into a temple dedicated to Edmea. From the hold rises the unbearable stench of a rhinoceros, which is then hoisted on the deck and washed. Serb shipwrecks who fled after the attack in Sarajevo are picked up. Life on board comes alive, until the ashes of Edmea are scattered in the sea. A Serb launches a bomb against an Austro-Hungarian warship and this cannons the Gloria N. that sinks; even the Austro-Hungarian flagship sinks and explodes. The journalist Orlando finds himself on a lifeboat together with the rhino, which ruminates placidly.

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