La città delle donne

Year: 1980
Format: Colour
Runtime:  145 min
Production: Opera Film Produzione (Roma), Gaumont (Paris)
Word sales: Gaumont – Italy
Viewed censorship: 74981 27/03/1980

A train crosses the countryside: in a compartment snoozes Snàporaz, a distinguished 50-year-old man. A handsome stranger appears, and the man follows her. In the toilet, the two begin to flirt, then the woman suddenly steps off the train into a mysterious landscape. And behind her, Snàporaz. An international conference of feminists is taking place at the Grand Hotel Miramare. As the search for the mysterious passenger continues, Snàporaz, mistaken for a journalist, is attacked. Rescued by a soubrette on skates, in his escape he slips down the stairs and plummets into the cellars, where he meets a big man who, on a motorcycle, accompanies him to the station; the virago, as soon as they are in open country, tries to rape him. And Snàporaz flees again pursued by enraged women. He takes refuge in the castle of Dr. Katzone, his former schoolmate intent on celebrating his career as a libertine. There he meets his wife, who, drunk, covers him with insults, and the savior soubrettina. After retracing some stages of his sentimental upbringing, he is captured by feminists. His woman-shaped hot air balloon is deflated by machine gun fire. As he is plummeting, Snàporaz wakes up in the train, sitting in front of his wife, just before the convoy takes a long tunnel.