Prova d’orchestra

Year: 1979
Format: Colour
Runtime:  70 min
Production: Daime Cinematografica S.p.A. and Rai – TV (Roma), Albatros Produktion G.M.B.H. (Monaco)
Word sales: Gaumont – Italy
Viewed censorship: 73109 19/02/1979

Rehearsals for a symphony concert are taking place inside an old oratory. Instrumentalists arrive in small groups and take their places. There are also, in one corner, union representatives. A TV reporter interviews the musicians: each talks about his instrument and experiences. As the maestro arrives, speaking in a distinct German accent, the rehearsal begins quietly. Then suddenly it is interrupted by protests from the orchestral players. The conductor leaves the hall for his dressing room where the journalist follows him to interview him. Meanwhile, in the oratorio it is revolution: everything is protested, from the conductor to the scores; anarchy and disorder reign, with the walls daubed with writing and symbols of revolt. Suddenly the building begins to shake, shaken by increasingly loud blows until a giant steel ball smashes through the walls, and in the collapse the harpist dies. After moments of confusion and cries of terror, silence returns and the rehearsal resumes. Back on the podium, the conductor gives his orders, like a dictator.